Current research projects:

 Projects currently under way include the development of the use of person centred thinking tools and techniques. Stephen has co-authored a book on Person Centred Organisation Development, published in 2012. He works with Helen Sanderson, a leading consultant in the health and social care sector and  colleagues from United Response ( a large social care provider) and other OD professionals in these areas.

Person centred thinking, approaches and tools originated in the health and social care world, and are widely used to develop better support for people with disabilities and other types of health and social care needs. They offer a simple and straightforward way of educating practitioners in the field to apply tools and techniques and improve the quality of life for people they support. the tools are similar to some conventional tools that you might find used for continuous improvement or lean approaches  in manufacturing industry.

These tools and techniques have wider appeal outside of the health and social care context, and Stephen is developing further thinking on the application of these to other types of organisation and business.

Organisation Design Limited is also part of an association of OD professionals Organisation Design Associates, and you can find details of other research and development work being done at our website

Other planned research projects include:

A companion toolkit /  handbook for the book mentioned above on Person Centred OD

A light-hearted look at alternative ways of managing human resources, with some serious advice to make life more bearable for HR professionals and managers in general.

Research into leadership and HR practices in not for profit organisations compared to the private sector.

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